Partnership between the Library and Faculties
Within the scope of the Library's collaboration with the various UCP Academic Units in Porto, any teacher may request training actions on scientific information resources, for inclusion in the lesson plan of a particular Course.

These sessions are designed according to the study cycle and the Curricular Unit for which it is intended, addressing topics such as the presentation of Library services, electronic resources, access to information sources and support for the publication of scientific information

1st cycle of studies:

  • "Access to information: available services, electronic resources and research techniques"

2nd cycle of studies:

  • "Access to Sources of Scientific Information"
  • "Bibliographic Reference Managers"

3rd cycle of studies:

  • "Scientific Information Literacy"

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  1. Databases via EBSCOhost:
  2. EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS):
  3. EBSCOadmin:
  4. Full Text Finder (FTF), Holdings Management (HLM) and Publication Finder (PFI):
  5. OpenAthens:
  6. Medical products:
  7. eBooks and GOBI