Good Practice Publishing

The purpose of this service is to contribute and promote the growth, visibility, dissemination and impact of the scientific publications of Católica Porto, in order to be recognized for their quality in rankings and to continually affirm their prestige.

The main route for the pursuit of this goal is the presence of these scientific journals in the scientific circuits privileged by the research community. That is, the indexing and availability of journals on scientific platforms, databases and directories recognized at national and international level for bringing together titles of top journals in a given scientific and / or multidisciplinary area.

This measure allows for greater dissemination of the quality of magazines to attract more and better authors and wider dissemination to the public (community of readers).

In this sense, we collaborate in the identification and implementation of quality criteria and guidelines required by these scientific platforms for the submission and indexing of journals.

These quality criteria focus on the standardization and transparency of scientific publications for the promotion and dissemination of their contents.

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