Guerra Junqueiro Collection

«This is a bibliographic fund composed of about four hundred titles from / about Guerra Junqueiro. It includes many of the first editions of the Poet's works as well as other figures of recognized merit in national and foreign literature who referred to him. […] In addition to some scattered numbers of magazines, there are still six precious scrapbooks of newspapers, photographs and postcards. […] In them are unpublished letters and business cards and manuscripts by Guerra Junqueiro as well as some of his poetic and prose creations […] ».

PEREIRA, Henrique Manuel S. – Junqueiriana de Pedro Bandeira na UCP Porto. Documentos inéditos. Uma carta de G. Junqueiro. Humanística e Teologia. ISSN 0870-080 X. Ano 17, n.º 3 (1996), pp-321-332.

The bibliographic records of the 312 works that make up this collection can be consulted here.

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