Interlibrary Loans

As an alternative to the Acquisition Proposals Service, users can access the Interlibrary Loans service, in which the Library will request the document(s) from another national or international library, under the Protocol, subsequently making it available to the requesting user.

In fact - and this is one of the main objectives of the Library - users will never be deprived of access to the wanted document(s), in the scope of their study and / or research.

Interlibrary Loans

Service to the users of the Biblioteca da Católica Porto (ILL request)
Books [Library service fee - up to 3 orders simultaneously] € 10.00 *
Periodical article between € 8.00 and € 11.00 **
* For books, the amount charged by the cooperating Library is increased.
** Estimated cost charged by the library providing the service, and delivered in .PDF file. If you want delivery in paper format, a fixed amount of € 2.00 is added
Service to other libraries (transfer of ILL), national or foreign
[Loan to other national and international Libraries]
Price per photocopy [each copy page] € 0.30
Loan of books [books request] € 10.00


Online Forms
Monographs For users of the Library who wish to borrow works from other Libraries.
Journal Articles
Inter-Library Loan online form
Books Other national and international libraries requesting our library.
Journal Article


Usage Rules (books)
Interlibrary Loans to users are governed by the following rules:

a) The user undertakes to return the requested document under the same conditions in which he received it and within the stipulated period;
b) The user undertakes to pay all expenses inherent to the process;
c) The user undertakes to pay all losses resulting from the deterioration of the work, from the moment it is delivered to the time it is returned to the Library, or from its loss;
d) The penalties resulting from the non-return of the work within the stipulated period will be decided by the Library Coordination.