As a user of the Library you will be able to request several bibliographic materials for a certain period that will vary according to the cycle of studies the user is enrolled in, with the possibility of two renovations maximum.

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Renewals * - May be carried out, in person, at the Library, or by email: * Renewal orders must be made up to 3 days before the end of the return date.

Reservations * - By email: * In addition to the identification of the requester (Name, Number and Email), please indicate Author, Title, Call number and Inventory No. of the intended document(s).

Fines: The failure of meeting the deadlines of returning the documents is subject to the payment of a fine of € 0.50 per document, for each day of delay. The requisition of new loans will be forbidden to all users who have unpaid fines. We request the cooperation of our users to avoid fines by fulfilling the terms agreed and established in the moment of the loan.