Our greatest aim (and effort) is to quickly provide access to the necessary quality information: current, rigorous, relevant and accurate!

Our mission is to provide the necessary information resources to the University Community to fulfill its goals within the scope of study, teaching, research and the community relations, as well as promoting the development of skills related to research, location, access, (critical) evaluation and organization of information.

Due to the specificity of the collection and the responsibilities signed with entities outside the University, the Library houses autonomous centers with its own documentary fund. In organizational terms, however, access and services are controlled in an integrated way by the Library. The following centers are currently in operation: the Leonardo Coimbra Memorial Library and the European Documentation Center.

The Library is part of the network of the Libraries of the Catholic University of Portugal, substantially expanding the opportunities for research and consultation to its users, namely through a proprietary service of inter-library loans. The operational convergence of cataloging, indexing and organization methodologies allows access to the integrated bibliographic catalog of the libraries of the University’s network.

Regarding its nature, the Library is highly prepared to support teaching and academic research, prioritizing the needs of all the members of the University community. Looking for the universal dissemination of knowledge, the Library is also at service for the entire community whose interests, professional or others, lay in its field of specialization: Human and Social Sciences, Biosciences and Nursing.

In addition to the Biblioteca do Paraíso (Porto - Foz), the network of the libraries of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa consists of the following libraries::