The Library has available several daily national newspapers, which can be found on the entrance floor.

In addition to these, several international resources can be accessed, of which the University has a subscription, namely:

[this resource provides the main news from the Press around the world].

[The Economist's Archives since 1997, as well as the economic and financial reports which are restricted, but possible to access at the University. Request the login and password by e-mail to:]

[Access to the electronic version of the FT (UK and International versions) is available at the University, as well as the ePaper version (UK, Europe, US, Asia and Mid East editions), allowing to download. The Financial Times also offers a wide range of resources, such as blogs, videos and comments, analysis of financial markets, databases of companies and special reports related to the economy and international management.

Direct access to the Financial Times ePaper (Today's edition or Archive) is possible through or, alternatively, at, accessing the option , on the right, "Today's Newspaper".

Individual access to the FT is also possible, through direct registration. This individual access will allow the creation of lists of articles or annotation of them, as well as the possibility of reading the FT on smartphones and tablets with Apple or Android operating system, by installing free apps.
Registration is done at
At the register, please note:

  1. the requested email must be the institutional UCP;
  2. on the second screen of the registration procedure, it is mandatory to fill in the user's first and last name. Names cannot contain accented characters or the "ç";
  3. apps for smartphones and tablets are free and downloadable from the respective "stores" of the operating systems (access pointers exist on the FT website itself).